Cyberdata 011146 VoIP V3 Paging Server

Model#: CD-011146

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MODEL: CD-011146

  • Up to 25 unique user uploadable bell files that can be used in up to 250 scheduled events
  • Up to 25 stored messages can be played through paging groups
  • Voice prompting and password controlled zones
  • NTP-based internal clock
  • Multicast output
  • Loud ringer - second SIP extension
  • DTMF control of zone selection
  • Delayed page support - buffer call
  • Line-in connection for background music multicasting
  • Line-out connection to support analog amplifiers
  • User uploadable audio files
  • Web-based configuration and firmware upload
  • Rack Mountable


  • Paging Adapters and Zone ControllersYes

  • Color Black


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