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Tycon Power TP-BC72-900 | 72V 900W Battery Charger

Product Highlights
  • • 72V 900W Total Power
  • • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Reverse-Current, Over-Load, Short-Circuit Protections
  • • Led indicator: Red=Charging, Green=Battery Full/Float Charge
  • • CE Certification
  • Model#: TP-BC72-900

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    MODEL: TP-BC72-900

    The TP-BC72-900 battery chargers provide up to 900W of total charging power. The battery charger is compatible with GEL/AGM type sealed lead acid batteries.

    The charger has various protections for reverse current, short-circuit, overload, over-voltage, and over-current.

    There is an LED which indicates charging (Red) or battery full (Green). The unit comes with a removable AC cord with a North American Plug. The units are can work from 90VAC to 240VAC (selectable via switch).


    • Wireless Base Stations, Cellular Base Stations
    • Surveillance Systems
    • Battery Backup Systems


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