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Tycon Power Systems RPSTL-FAN - 12-24V Ventilator for RPSTL Enclosures,45degC Thermo


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Power Ventilator for Tycon Steel Enclosures

The RPSTL-Fan is a field upgradeable power ventilation system for Tycon ENC-STL (24x24x16) enclosures which are used in RPSTL Remote Power and UPS-STL Outdoor Backup Power systems.

The RPSTL-Fan has a built in thermostat that turns it on when the temperature reaches 45 degrees centigrade (113F) and turns it off when the temperature falls below 45C. The thermostat control saves battery life in battery systems by turning on the fan only when needed to cool the interior of the enclosure. It typically takes less than 5 minutes to cool the interior of the enclosure to ambient temperature. The system has stainless steel mesh filters which can be removed for cleaning. The unit works on 12V or 24V battery systems. It comes with a 1m long 2 wire cable to connect to a voltage source.