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Tycon Power Systems UPS-PL24-20L-120 - UPSPro120W, 24V Bat, 20Ah,Polycarb

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MODEL: UPS-PL24-20L-120

The UPSPro® 120W Lithium series outdoor enclosures are designed for applications that require a backup power source in order to maintain uninterrupted service to customers. The enclosure is powered from 120/240VAC. It is also solar ready so a solar panel can be added as an alternate power source or to extend backup time. Features include an advanced solar battery charge controller with LCD display to provide system information, LVD load control and solar charging capability. The LFP (LiFePO4) Lithium batteries have an embedded BMS (Battery Management System) to maintain proper charging of the Lithium batteries to achieve 4000+ cycle life at 80% discharge. Expected battery life is 10+ years. Enclosures have multiple ports for CAT5 cable, antenna cables/connectors or other cabling. 


There is some space inside the enclosures for customer electronics such as controllers, wireless AP or CPE cards, sensors, etc. Equipment runs on battery power which isolates it from power line surges which is a main cause of outdoor equipment failure. 


Multiple configurations are available for 12V or 24V systems with various battery storage capacities. 


A typical wireless access point with average power consumption of 4W will run 24 hours on a 10Ah battery.


• Solar Ready™ 

• Weatherproof, UV resistant, outdoor enclosures 

• Powered from AC mains power and/or Solar 

• LFP (LiFePO4) Lithium Batteries 

• Isolates Customer Equipment from Power Line Surges 

• Interior space for customer electronics 

• Wall or Pole Mounting 



• Wireless Base Stations and Clients 

• Surveillance Cameras 

• Wireless Bridge and Repeaters 

• Remote Sensors 

• Mission critical outdoor power 

• Backup Power Systems


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