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Guest Internet Solutions GIS-K3 Wireless Hotspot Internet Gateway up to 50 users Hotspot Gateway for Businesses

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  • Guest Internet Solutions GIS-K3 Hotspot Internet Gateway with Core GIS Features plus, Customer Data Collection, Advanced Firewall, PayPal & Credit Card Billing, 50 Concurrent Users.

  • Any Business can Provide Wireless Internet Access GIS-K3: Wireless /N Hotspot Gateway for Businesses with up to 75 Users for Guests and Visitors Quickly and Economically with the GIS-K3.

  • The GIS-K3 offers an economical approach to providing managed Internet access for restaurants, coffee bars and motel/hotel lobbies. The high performance wireless 802.11/n offers connection speeds up to 150Mb/s. 

  • The GIS-K3 can be installed by any small business that has to provide wireless Internet access for the public.The GIS-K3 wireless unit is suitable for small installations such as bars and restaurants, and provides a good area of wireless coverage. 

  • Installing the GIS-K3 product is simple: connect the unit to the Internet and power it up. A computer wireless connection is made to Hot Spot and then a browser is opened. The browser screen shows the setup wizard.

  • The GIS-K3 can provide free Internet access with a disclaimer. The disclaimer text was prepared according to US Federal law, however it can be edited to include local laws and restrictions.

  • The GIS-K3 can also control Internet access: users type an access code into the login page to connect to the Internet. The GIS-K3 includes access code generation and management that is used by the business owner to generate and delete codes. Access codes can be downloaded and printed onto business stationery. Authorized customers are given access codes to use the Internet. Businesses can charge customers for Internet use by selling codes.

  • Core GIS Features

  • Customer Data Collection

  • Advanced Firewall

  • PayPal & Credit Card Billing

  • 50  Concurrent Users

  • Peer to peer (P2P) file download blocking

  • Authenticated via the log-in page

  • Upload and Download speed controls

  • Content filter

  • Disclaimer (terms and conditions) file that can be edited

  • User reporting and accounting facilities

  • Remote management

  • Port forwarding

  • Configuration backup/restore

  • LAN firewall PCI-DSS compliant

  • Wireless port: 802.11/n, 150Mb/s

  • RF Power output: +23dBm (200mW)

  • Provides managed WiFi Internet for laptops, netbooks, smart phones and any WiFi enabled device

  • API provides an interface for Point of Sale (PoS) and Property Management Systems (PMS) to manage Internet access codes