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Tycon Power Systems RPPL1248-18-35 - RemotePro35W,18Ah Batt,4.3W Cont. Sol,12/48V PoE

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MODEL: RPPL1248-18-35

The RemotePro® PL-SM series (RPPL) outdoor power systems are designed for applications that require a primary offgrid or backup power source to run various electronics. The sealed and weatherproof 11x7x6” Polycarbonate enclosures hold up to two 12V 9AH batteries. The enclosures are hinged and gasket sealed. They can accept a padlock or tamper seal.


The enclosures can be mounted to a wall or pole with the included mounting bracket system. 


The high quality solar panels have a 25year power output guarantee. The 30W and 35W solar panels can be mounted to a 51mm to 101mm (2" to 4") diameter pole or alternately to a wall with the included bracket kit. 


Features include an advanced battery charge controller to protect against over-charging or over-discharging of the valve regulated sealed lead acid batteries. Some of the RPPL-SM systems include a controller with built in POE inserter and DCDC converter to supply 24V or 48V PoE from the 12V battery system. Other models use a 20A PWM controller with parametric LCD display. Enclosures have multiple ports for CAT5/6 cable, antenna cables/connectors or other cabling. Batteries are an Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) type which have good all temperature, deep discharge performance.

• Complete Remote Power Solution for Off-Grid operation 

• Weatherproof, UV resistant, outdoor enclosures 

• Enclosures can be Wall or Pole Mounted 

• High Performance Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Batteries 

• Advanced battery charge controller protects against overcharge and over discharge 




• Wireless Base Stations and Clients • Surveillance Cameras • Wireless Bridge and Repeaters 

• Remote Sensors 

• Remote Lighting 

• Backup Power Systems 



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