EnGenius "MESH" WiFi Access Point AC for Indoor MU-MIMO 2x2 Wave 2, Up to 1267 Mbps, 200+ Simultaneous Clients, Simultaneous Dual Band in 2.4 and 5 GHz "Portable and Easy to Use"

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The EMD1 is a dual-band Mesh 802.11ac Wave 2 access point, installed in an instant, adding Wi-Fi, increasing range, and increasing speed in homes or offices. Portable and easy to use, giving coverage in the most remote areas of the house such as garages, penthouses, or workspaces in the basement and backyards.

Perfect for creating access points in difficult places to cover inside and outside the home.
Portable, compact, and easy to use, either wirelessly or wirelessly since it has a PoE + Gigabit port.
Increase the speed, strength, and coverage of the signal.
Create wall-to-wall wireless coverage that eliminates dead spots.
In Mesh mode, it uses intelligent sensors to automatically optimize connections.

Features & Benefits 

• Perfect for creating hotspots in difficult-to-cover spots inside or outside the home 

• Portable, compact, and easy to use – either wirelessly or wired with 1 Gigabit port 

• Boosts signal speed, strength, and coverage 

• Create Wall-to-Wall Wireless Coverage That Eliminates Dead Spots 

• Mesh Utilizes Smart Sensors to Automatically Optimize Connections 

• High Performing Wave 2 Supports Buffer-Free Video & Audio in Every Room 

• Simplifi ed Mesh Wi-Fi: No Wires to Run & No Software to Setup 

• Quick, Step-by-Step Setup via EnMesh Mobile App 

• Full Network Insight, Parental Controls, and Secure Guest Wi-Fi via EnMesh App 

• Advanced Management via Managed Switches or ezMaster™


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