Ubiquiti Networks UF-SM-10G-S-20 UFiber Single-Mode SFP+ BiDi 10 Pair

Product Highlights
  • Ubiquiti Networks UFiber UF-SM-10G-S SFP+ Single-Mode Fiber Module
  • Extend the reach of Ethernet cabling with the UF-SM-10G-S SFP+ Single-Mode Fiber Modules from Ubiquiti Networks
  • These modules each feature LC connectors and support SFP+ data rates of up to 10 Gbps reaching distances of up to 32,808'.
  • Ubiquiti Networks UF-SM-10G-S is part of the U Fiber product line. It is a single mode SFP+ fiber module pair, with speeds of up to 10 Gbps.
  • It's BiDirectional features allows you to maximize your re-use of existing infrastructure by using two different wavelengths (upstream and downstream).
  • Model#: UF-SM-10G-S-20

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    Model: UF-SM-10G-S

    UFiber, Single-Mode Module SFP+, 10G, BiDi, 20 Pack

    Ubiquiti Networks offers a variety of UFiber™ modules to suit your fiber connectivity applications.

    Deploy a BiDi (BiDirectional) model, UF-SM-10G-S, to maximize re-use of existing infrastructure. You must deploy a BiDi model as a paired set of modules because the pair uses two different wavelengths, upstream and downstream, on a single fiber.


    • Supported Media: Single-Mode Fiber
    • Connector Type: (1) LC
    • BiDi: Yes
    • Data Rate: 10 Gbps SFP+
    • Cable Distance: 10 km

    Tx Wavelength

    •  Blue: 1270 nm
    • Red: 1330 nm

    Rx Wavelength:

    •     Blue: 1330 nm
    •     Red: 1270 nm



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