Fanvil Enterprise IP Phone X4 4 SIP Line PoE Capable with HT201 Headset

Product Highlights
  • Fanvil Enterprise IP Phone X4 4 SIP Line PoE Capable and 2.8
  • Fast / Gigabit Ethernet – 10/100Mbps or 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet with POE enabled.
  • Headphone with Noise Cancelling Microphone and HD Sound Clarity.
  • Headphone Boom arm can be rotated without the risk of breaking.
  • Headphone Long Durability - Maximum Durability and Design quality.
  • Model#: X4-BD1

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    Model: X4-BD1

    Fanvil X4 4 SIP Line Enterprise IP Phone, PoE Capable with HT201 Headset

    The X4/X4G is a feature-rich sip phone for business. The 4-Line IP Phone has been designed by pursuing ease of use in even the tiniest details. Dual 10/100 Mbps(X4G: 10/100/1000 Mbps) network ports with integrated PoE are ideal for extended network use. Delivering a superb sound quality as well as rich visual experience. With second DSS color screen, the IP Phone supports up to 30 DSS keys which improve work efficiency. Using standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades.

    Fanvil HT201 is the over-the-head style headset which is made for office worker, SOHO, or call center staff. Coupled with noise cancellation technology and wideband audio, it delivers clearer conversation and offer a more professional customer experience on every call.