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Intellinet (506496) 16-Port Rackmount KVM Switch, Combo USB + PS/2, Cables Included

Model#: 506496

Sku: IT3125

MSRP: $649.99

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The INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS KVM Switch is an 16-port USB PS/2 rackmount device designed for computer/server management on a central console in corporate, factory and campus computing environments. It provides an on-screen display (OSD) for intuitive KVM switching operations, and its cascading feature can help upscale the number of connected computers. The switch offers a dedicated controller for each port to keep the mouse and keyboard alive even when the KVM switch is not powered on. Excellent video quality with minimal degradation is guaranteed even when daisy-chained up to 64 units. Perfect keyboard/mouse emulation provides high compatibility with PCs, servers and various operating systems.

  • USB and PS/2 Interface Support

Supports the USB and the PS/2 interface standard on both console side and PC side. This is especially useful in an environment with mixed equipment; e.g., older computers with PS/2 connections and newer models featuring USB ports.

  • Connection Cables Included

The INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS KVM Switch, model 506496, comes with all the required connection cables included, eliminating the guessing game of which cables to choose for the product. All you need is included in the packaging. It cannot be any easier.

  • OSD Support

With the integrated on-screen display (OSD), operating and programming the KVM switch options becomes a breeze. Many users will find the intuitive menu-driven operation indispensable for a truly convenient KVM switching experience. 

  • Professional Features

The switch provides professional features such as Auto Logout, password protection, firmware upgrade and daisy-chaining (cascading). Its metal housing provides excellent shielding against electromagnetic interference and offers a sturdy protection needed to withstand accidental impact.

  • Manage/control up to 16 PCs from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • USB and PS/2 interface support on both console and PC side
  • 16 4-in-1 USB/PS/2 connection cables included
  • Pop-up on-screen display (OSD) menu
  • Computer selection and operation using front-panel push buttons and OSD menu
  • Hot Plug and Play: no need to shut down the KVM switch to attach or remove PCs
  • Numerical display and LED indicators for easy bank/port status monitoring
  • Supports screen resolutions of up to 1600 x 900
  • Supports Microsoft and Logitech standard 5-key mice and compatible models
  • Auto-Scan period programmable via OSD menu option
  • Password protection
  • Auto-logout timeout support
  • No software required
  • Works independently of computer operating systems