Digium 1VPMOCT032LF Analog Echo Cancellation Module, Comparable to Atcom EC32L


Digium 1VPMOCT032LF Analog Echo Cancellation Module, Comparable to Atcom EC32L

Model#: 1VPMOCT032LF

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  • This product is a replacement for: Digium - Thirty-two Channel Hardware Echo Cancellation Module (1VPMADT032LF)

  • Thirty-two (32) Channel Hardware Echo Cancellation Module. Octasic DSP based 128ms per-channel echo cancellation module for use with Digium telephony interface cards. 

  • Support for this module requires Switchvox version 5.1 and DAHDI driver version 5.1.

  • For Asterisk users who connect to the PSTN, the most common type of echo is hybrid echo - the echo introduced by the impedance mismatch between 2-wire and 4-wire telephone circuits. The echo manifests as a distorted and delayed reflection of the users voice while in conversation with an external party through the PSTN. Asterisk itself offers a range of software-based open source echo cancellation routines that are moderately effective in eliminating the hybrid mismatch echo that most Asterisk users experience.

  • However, there are cases in which these algorithms are not effective. To combat this, Digium introduced DSP-based echo cancellation modules for our multi-port T1/E1/J1 cards and our 24-port analog card.

  • Now, Digium is pleased to make available the VPMOCT032 echo cancellation module. This module, which offers 128ms (1024 taps) of echo cancellation across all of its channels and provides the same toll-quality G.168 compliant echo cancellation found in Digium's HPEC software-based commercial echo canceller. The VPMOCT032 is immune from any system CPU spikes that might otherwise affect a software-based solution.

  • Octasic DSP-based

  • AT&T certified Toll-Quality G.168 compliant algorithm

  • Dynamic Nonlinear Processor

  • Comfort Noise Generator

  • Automatic Tail Search

  • Cancel Multiple Reflections

  • Double-talk Detection

  • 128ms of Echo Cancellation across all channels

  • Up to 32 channels

  • 128ms (1024 taps) per channel

  • Compatible with the following cards:

  • TDM410 and AEX410

  • TDM800 and AEX800

  • TDM2400 and AEX2400

  • TE121 (bundled as TE121B)

  • TE122 (bundled as TE122B)