802.3at PoE to 12VDC 25W Gigabit Splitter


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Tycon Power 802.3at PoE to 12VDC 25W Gigabit Splitter

Model#: POE-SPLT-4805G

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PoE Gigabit Splitter. 48VDC 802.3at PoE input, 5VDC @ 5A Output, 25W, 5.5x2.1 DC Barrel connector.

The POE-SPLT-4805G Active Gigabit splitters are unique Power Over Ethernet adapters which convert an 802.3at PoE input to 5VDC 25W output.

They are useful for powering non-PoE devices from PoE switches or other PoE inserters. Supplying power to legacy equipment over CAT5 cable reduces installation costs because power and data can be supplied over a single low cost cable. Normal cable distances can be up to 300ft.

Inputs and outputs are isolated. They have various protections for surge, short circuit, overload and overvoltage.