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802.3at PoE Input to 802.3af and Passive PoE Outputs, Active Splitter with Outdoor Enclosure

Model#: POE-SPLT-48G-OUT-V

Sku: IT2976

MSRP: $137.95

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Active Splitter 40-60VDC 802.3at/Passive POE to 802.3af PoE and Passive PoE Output with outdoor enclosure.

-Weatherproof and Gigabit Compatible
-Dual Output, 802.3af and Passive PoE outputs
-Complete Kit: High Power PoE Injector, Weatherproof Enclosure, Splitter
-Extended Temperature Range: -40 to +70C
-Short Circuit and Over Current Protection

The POE-SPLT-48G-OUT-V is a complete kit which includes a high power PoE injector (TP-POE-HP-48G), weatherproof enclosure (ENC-SW-8x5) and an active splitter (POE-SPLT-48G-VUB) which provides two PoE outputs. Output 1 is an 802.3af Mode B PoE output with Data and PoE. Output 2 is a 48V Passive PoE Mode B output with PoE only, no data. The splitter is designed to supply power and data to one device and power only to the second device. The system is Gigabit compatible providing speeds to 1000MB. There are various protections for short circuit, overload and low voltage disconnect. Nema 4x / IP65 rated UV protected enclosure.