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Tycon Power Systems EZGO-0516+ Access Point/ Client Router/Bridge 802.11a/n, 25mW

Model#: EZGO-0516+

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  • The EZ-Go® is a high power 25dBm (316mW) outdoor wireless access point or client device operating in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz unlicensed frequency spectrum providing real world throughput up to 100 Mb/sec.

  • It complies with the 802.11g/n or 802.11a/n standards to insure interoperability. It supports VOIP, VPN, multiple MAC addresses and DHCP.

  • With its password verification, MAC address authentication, SSID suppression and advanced WPA encryption, the system provides the best available wireless data security.

  • If changes to the pre-configured settings are desired, they can be easily done thru the built-in web interface. There are no drivers or software that needs to be loaded to the computer.

  • The EZ-Go® comes complete with a powerful 14dBi 802.11g/n or 16dBi 802.11a/n MIMO antennas with built-in high power electronics, Bracket Kits which accommodate pole or wall mounting and Cat5e rated POE (Power Over Ethernet) power inserters with 24VDC autorangingpower supplies.

  • Customer needs to supply CAT5 cabling between the power inserter and the antenna and between the power inserter and his computer, router or switch.

  • With its advanced software, the EZ-Go® supports multiple operating modes, including; Access Point, Access Point (WDS), Client, Client (WDS), WAN Gateway, WLAN Gateway

  • Access Point/ Client Router/Bridge

  • Standards - 802.11a/n

  • Mega watts - 250mW

  • 5GHz 16dBi integrated Mimo Antenna

  • POE Bundle