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Tycon Power PS18V 18V 0.8A Slimline Wall Plug Power Supply

Model#: PS18V

Sku: IT2867

MSRP: $9.99

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  • The PS18V are a series of low cost auto ranging switching wall plug 14.4W power supplies that output 18VDC at 0.8A.

  • They are available in a North American plug or European Plug model.

  • The small size and unique AC plug orientation of the power supply takes up less room on a multi socket or wall socket because it only takes up a single position.

  • High Power in Compact Size

  • 18W Wallplug, 60W and 120W Desktop Models

  • WallPlug AC Connector Oriented for Better Plug Utilization

  • Short Circuit and Overcurrent Protection