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GIS-R2 Internet access gateway WiFi Hotspot up to 30 users ideal for restaurants and lodging busines

Product Highlights
  • GIS-R2 offers an economical approach to providing managed Internet access for restaurants and lodging businesses, and any other small to medium business that has to provide wireless Internet access for the public
  • It's a high performance gateway suitable for installations in computer networks that include wireless access points, business center computers and Internet cafe kiosks. The gateway can manage up to 50 simultaneous Internet users
  • It can also control Internet access: users have to type an access code into the login page to connect to the Internet
  • GIS-R2 can provide free Internet access with a disclaimer. The disclaimer text was prepared according to US Federal law, however it can be edited to include local laws and restrictions
  • Installing the GIS-R2 is simple: the unit is connected to the Internet via the DSL router and a wireless access point is connected to a LAN port. Opening the computer browser starts the setup wizard
  • Model#: GIS-R2

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    Model: GIS-R2

    GIS-R2 Hot Spot Internet Gateway

    The GIS-R2 Hotspot Gateway plugs into your current router and provides controlled access to the Internet for up to 30 guests.

    The GIS-R2 Hotspot Gateway allows you to safely and securely share your Internet connection with your guests.


    Bandwidth controls to improve quality of service (QoS) on the unit can be enabled to limit user download and upload speed, spreading the available bandwidth evenly across users. You can also set time and data limits per user from any device connected to your network.



    • Works with any Access Point 
    • Fully customizable login page 
    • Access Code login 
    • Set bandwidth limits per user 
    • Cloud Management 
    • Data limits 
    • Firewall 
    • Facebook login 
    • Email and data collection 
    • Content filtering 
    • Authentication 
    Recommended concurrent users: 30 
    Access code database: 10000
    • Ethernet 
    WAN: RJ-45 10/100 
    LAN1-LAN4: RJ-45 10/100
    • Dimensions and power 
    20cm x 12cm x 3cm 
    12v 110v/220v (1A)
    1 year