Mikrotik 24HPOW high power 24V 2.5A power supply with power plug included supports all Routerboards

Product Highlights
  • Mikrotik 24HPOW adapter High power
  • High power 24V 2.5A power supply + power plug
  • Recommended for long cable runs with several high power wireless cards
  • Input Voltage 100/240V 1.6A, Operating Temperature 30? to +50?, Output Voltage 24V 2.5A
  • Included parts: IEC cord
  • Model#: 24HPOW

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    MSRP: $29.99

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    • Mikrotik 24V hi-power supply 24 vdc, 38 watt (1.6 amp) Supports all Routerboards heavy duty switching power supply with 2.1mm DC plug.
    • Uses standard USA AC input power cord (included) and operates from 100 to 240 vac. UL approved for use in the USA.
    • Supports all Routerboards except the RB500 series. Use with the RB/P54 POE injector for POE support.
    • (RB1000 RB1000U RB1100 RB250GS RB/11 RB411A RB411AH RB411AR RB411R RB411U RB411UAHR RB433 RB433AH RB433UAH RB450 RB450G RB493 RB493AH RB600A RB750 RB750G RB800 RB493G RB711-5H RB711A-5Hn-M)
    • High power 24V 1.6A power supply + power plug for use with RB/CRD, RB411, RB411A, RB411AH, RB433, RB433AH, RB450, RB493, RB600.
    • Recommended for long cable runs with several high power cards
    • Input Voltage    100/240V 1.6A
    • Output Voltage    24V 2.5A
    • Tested ambient temperature    -30°C to +50°C