Ubiquiti Networks AF-5XHD 5GHz airFiberX PtP 1Gbps+ Radio ROW - International Version - Does not work in USA

Product Highlights
  • (2) RP-SMA Weatherproof
  • (1) SMA Weatherproof
  • 4.8 - 6.2 GHz (Dependent on Regulatory Region)
  • GPS Pole Mount (Included)
  • 24V, 1A Gigabit PoE Adapter (Included)
  • Model#: AF-5XHD

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    Model: AF-5XHD

    International Version

    Ubiquiti Networks continues to disrupt the wireless broadband market with revolutionary LTU technology that breaks through the limitations of 802.11 Wi-Fi technology. Designed for use in the 5 GHz frequency band, the new airFiber AF-5XHD is Ubiquiti's first LTU radio, offering greater channel bandwidths of up to 100 MHz, and more advanced RF components.

    Pair the AF-5XHD with a compatible Ubiquiti® airFiber X antenna or RocketDish™ antenna for a complete 5 GHz Point-to-Point (PtP) solution.

    Designed specifically for the Wireless ISP industry from the ground floor up, the AF-5XHD’s custom LTU silicon and radio architecture provide breakthrough performance. Its core communications processing engine surpasses the limitations inherent to generic Wi-Fi chips to provide low latency, long-range capability, DFS flexibility, higher constellations, and better power output, along with improved receive sensitivity.

    The AF-5XHD features industry leading 21.2 bps/Hz spectral efficiency, line-rate data packet processing for up to 1.34 Gbps of real data throughput, and innovative xtreme Range Technology (xRT™).


    • Processor: airFiber LTU IC
    • Maximum Throughput: 1 Gbps
    • Maximum Range: 100 km
    • Packets per Second: 2+ million
    • Encryption: WPA2-PSK (AES)
    • OS: airFiber-airOS 8
    • Wireless Modes: AP/CPE


    • Frequency: 5150-5250 MHz; 5740-5850 MHz (dependent on regulatory region)
    • Frequency Range: 4.8 - 6.2 GHz (dependent on regulatory region)
    • Max. Conducted TX Power: 29 dBm (dependent on regulatory region)
    • Frequency accuracy: <2 ppm
    • Channel Bandwidth: 10/20/30/40/50/60/80/100 MHz

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 8.82 x 3.23 x 1.89"
    • Weight: 12.3 oz 
    • RF Connectors: (2) RP-SMA weatherproof (CH0, CH1) (1) SMA weatherproof (GPS)
    • GPS Antenna: External, Magnetic Base
    • Power Supply: 24V, 1A Gigabit PoE Adapter
    • Power Method: Passive Power over Ethernet; pins 1, 2, 4, 5 (+) and pins 7, 8, 3, 6 (-)
    • Max. Power Configuration: 6-12 W
    • Supported voltage consumption: 24 - 50 V DC
    • Mounting: airFiber X mount (Rocket mount compatible) GPS pole mount (included)
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C to 55°C (-40°F to 131°F)
    • IP rating: IP67
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, IC
    • Networking Interface: Data port: (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet port Management port: (1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet port




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