Ubiquiti airGrid M5 Antenna 5 GHz AG-HP-5G23-US 23dBi PRE-CONFIGURED High-Performance +100 Mbps (4-PACK)


Ubiquiti airGrid M5 Antenna 5 GHz AG-HP-5G23-US 23dBi PRE-CONFIGURED High-Performance +100 Mbps (4-PACK) - READY TO INSTALL -

Product Highlights
  • Ubiquiti airGrid M5 AG-HP-5G23 US (Qnty: 4) HP 5 GHz High-Performance Integrated InnerFeed Antenna airMAX CPE
  • Featuring a grid reflector design and single-polarity, narrow-beamwidth performance, the airGrid M is ideal for applications requiring low-cost and lightweight CPE devices.
  • Designed to be a highly directive CPE device, the airGrid M performs at a range of up to 25+ km
  • Ubiquiti’s InnerFeed technology seamlessly combines the radio and reflector feed for maximum RF performance.
  • Ubiquiti’s versatile airOS firmware technology enables high-performance, outdoor multi-point networking.
  • Model#: AG-HP-5G23x4-PRECONF

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    Model: AG-HP-5G23-US (4 Units)

    Ubiquiti airGrid M5 Wireless Broadband Antenna


    The airGrid M5 HP is a high powered airMAX airGrid, manufactured by Ubiquiti Networks. Operating on 5GHz with 23dBi gain, it's a great all in one CPE solution.Deploy outdoor wireless broadband service with the AG-HP-5G23 airGrid M Wireless Broadband Antenna from Ubiquiti Networks. This package includes five AG-HP-5G23 antennas. Boasting a range up to 18.6 miles and up to 100 Mb/s of data throughput, the 23 dBi antenna comes equipped with a Fast Ethernet port that supports PoE (Power over Ethernet). The antenna is powered by a 560 MHz Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 64MB of DDR2 RAM and 8MB of flash memory. 

    • Inner Feed Technology

    Utilizing inner feed technology, the new airGrid M Series represents the evolution of outdoor broadband wireless devices. Complete antenna and radio system integration provides revolutionary cost/performance solutions to the Worldwide Broadband Industry. 

    • Breakthrough Wireless Performance

    100+Mbps of real outdoor throughput and up to 30km+ range. airGrid products utilize Ubiquiti's revolutionary airMAX TDMA protocol enabling scalable, carrier-class PtMP network performance. Additionally, airControl application allows operators to centrally manage 100's of devices. 


    Model: AG-HP-5G23-US

    • Enclosure Characteristics Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic
    • Mounting Kit Pole Mounting Kit included
    • Power Method Passive Power over Ethernet (pairs 4, 5+; 7, 8 return)
    • Max Power Consumption 3.0 Watts
    • Operating Temperature -30C to 75C
    • Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Condensing
    • Shock and Vibration ETSI300-019-1.4