Ubiquiti PowerBeam ac ISO PBE-5AC-500-ISO US PRE-CONFIGURED 5GHz airMAX ac Bridge (2-PACK)


Ubiquiti Networks PowerBeam ac ISO PBE-5AC-500-ISO US PRE-CONFIGURED 5 GHz airMAX ac Bridge 27dBi with RF Isolated Reflector 500mm (2-PACK)

Model#: PBE-5AC-500-ISOX2-PR

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Model: PBE-5AC-500-ISO US

                                      PowerBeam ac ISO 

                                       airMAX ac Bridge with RF Isolated Reflector


                                                                                      PRE-CONFIGURED - READY TO INSTALL

The Ubiquiti Networks PowerBeam ac ISO is an airMAX ac Bridge that is ideal for deployments requiring maximum performance and RF isolation. The PowerBeam ac ISO directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth, and its integrated isolator design improves RF isolation to spatially filter out interference. This combination of focused beam directivity and RF isolation, the PowerBeam ac ISO blocks noise to improve noise immunity. This is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency. Ubiquiti has an InnerFeed technology that integrates the radio into the feedhorn of an antenna, so there is no need for a cable. This improves performance because it eliminates cable losses. Providing high performance and innovative mechanical design at a low cost, the PowerBeam ac ISO is extremely versatile and cost-effective to deploy.


  • Innovative Mechanical Design

The integrated isolator design improves RF isolation to spatially filter out interference, and the metal-plated interior of the rear housing enhances RF shielding.


  • Superior RF Isolation

Compare the two near-field plots, and note the superior performance of the integrated RF isolator. Both near-field plots are displayed in watts and use a linear scale.

  • Superior Processing

Ubiquiti's airMAX® engine with custom IC dramatically improves TDMA latency and network scalability. The custom silicon provides hardware acceleration capabilities to the airMAX scheduler, to support the high data rates and dense modulation used in airMAX ac technology.


  • Advanced Software Technology

Ubiquiti’s airMAX® technology is proven in millions of deployments worldwide, exhibiting outstanding performance in outdoor environments. The TDMA airMAX protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks.

  • 5 GHz Operating Frequency 

(US and Canada version: operating frequency 5725-5850MHz)

  • 27 dBi Gain
  • 500 mm Dish Reflector
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic Enclosure
  • Dual Linear Polarization
  • 128MB DDR2 RAM / 16MB Flash Memory
  • Atheros MIPS 74Kc 720 MHz Processor