Ubiquiti airFiber X AF-4X Carrier Backhaul Radio 4GHz with airFiber Antenna AF-5G34-S45 Slant 45

Model#: AF-4X+AF-5G34-S45

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Model: AF-4X

Ubiquiti Networks introduces the airFiber AF-4X, Ubiquiti’s first licensed spectrum radio designed for the public safety sector. It meets the growing need of broadband capacity and optimizes use of the 4.9 GHz radio band with its industry-leading spectral efficiency and TDD throughput. The AF-4X allows you to customize airFiber backhaul links or upgrade existing Rocket Point-to-Point (PtP) links. 

  • Ultra-Low Latency with HDD Technology 

The AF-4X is designed to provide the highest TDD throughput and lowest latency available using proprietary Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD) technology.


Model: AF-5G34-S45

Pair an airFiber X antenna with an airFiber X radio to create the endpoint of a high-performance, Point-to-Point (PtP) bridge or network backhaul.

  • Powerful Performance 

The airFiber X antenna delivers 2x2, dual-polarity performance. On the right is one example of how the airFiber X antenna with an airFiber X radio can be deployed as endpoints in a backhaul link to deliver bandwidth from a WISP network out to a neighborhood tower. From there, an airMAX® Sector antenna with a Rocket radio delivers bandwidth to the WISP’s customers.


Model: AF-4X

  • Range: up to 124 mi (200 km)
  • Up to 500+ Mbps Real Throughput
  • Full Band Certification including DFS
  • Operates using the 4 GHz Band
  • Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD)
  • Low Latency
  • Enhanced Spectral Efficiency
  • Operation in Unlicensed Bands
  • Co-Location
  • GPS Sync & Clean Power Output


Model: AF-5G34-S45

  • 5 GHz Frequency Range
  • 34 dBi Gain
  • 42 dB F/B Ratio
  • 1.4:1 Max. VSWR
  • Up to 125 mph Wind Survivability