Ubiquiti Fiber Cable Single-Mode FC-SM-300 LC Outdoor FiberCable SM 300Ft outdoor routing switching

Product Highlights
  • Build your outdoor fiber network using our FiberCable.
  • Ubiquiti Networks Fiber Cable Single-Mode FC-SM-300 300Ft LC Outdoor Fiber Cable (300 ft)
  • Lightweight and flexible, FiberCable is ideal for tower deployments of our outdoor routing and switching.
  • Outdoor-Rated Jacket with Ripcord
  • Integrated Weatherproof Tape
  • Model#: FC-SM-300

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    Model: FC-SM-300

    Ubiquiti Fiber Cable Single-Mode 

    The FC-SM-300 is a 300ft of Ubiquiti networks single mode LC fiber optic cable. This cable can be used outside, with integrated weatherproof tape and outdoor jacket. This steel-armored fiber cable is ideal for outdoor fiber networks, and it's great for tower deployments. Works well with outdoor routing and switching products, such as the Ubiquiti EdgePoint.


    • Fiber Cable 300Ft
    • Outdoor-Rated Jacket with Ripcord
    • Integrated Weatherproof Tape
    • Kevlar Yarn for Added Tensile Strength
    • Outer Diameter of Cable: 6.0 ± 0.2 mm
    • Six-Strand Single-Mode (G.657.A2)
    • Outer Diameter of Fiber Strand: 0.25 mm Nominal