Ubiquiti NanoBeam Window Mount NBE-16-WM - Compatibility NBE-M5-16, NBE-5AC-16

Model#: NBE-16-WM

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Model: NBE-16-WM

                                  NanoBeam Window Mount

                             The NanoBeam Window Mount is avaliable as an optional acessory to mount the Nano Beam on a window. 


Mechanical Design

  • Compact Size: Discreetly attach a NanoBeam to a window.
  • Secure Hold: The industrial-strength suction cup mount locks into place to maintain the NanoBeam's positioning. 


Ease of Installation

  • Quick Installation: No tools are needed.
  • Convenient Alignment: The NanoBeam pivots on its ball joint for easy aiming. 


  • Model: NBE-M5-16 , NBE-5AC-16.