Ubiquiti Networks AirFiber 5 AF-5U 5GHz Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio Worldwide License

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 Model: AF-5U INTL

AirFiber 5 GHz Full Duplex Point-to-Point Gigabit Radio

The airFiber 5 is purpose-built for outdoor, PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls. Operating in the 5GHz band, AF-5U-US airFiber 5 builds on the innovations in airFiber 24 to enable speeds up to 1Gbps and introduces new extended Range Technology (xRT) to provide 100+Km maximum range.

 With a dual-antenna architecture, 2x2 MIMO functionality separates the transmit and receive data streams allowing for increased bandwidth and a more reliable connection. Setup of this PtP Gigabit radio is simple thanks to the airFiber Configuration Interface which can be installed by a single network tech. Once installed, 12 dedicated LED indicators make it easy to see the status of various aspects of the network including data port link/activity, data port speed, management port link/activity, and much more.


  • Innovative Antenna Design

The high-isolation, dual-antenna design is ideal for robust performance in the harshest RF noise environments.

  • Revolutionary Performance

Surpassing conventional wired backhauls, the airFiber®5 delivers real throughput of up to 1.2+ Gbps.

  • Long-Range Links: 100+ km

Designed to be a high-performance backhaul, the airFiber 5 performs at a range of up to 100+ km.

  • Low-Latency Carrier Backhaul

The airFiber 5 supports FDD (Frequency Division Duplexing) in full-duplex mode for < 1 ms latency, resulting in increased efficiency for carrier-class network backhauls.

  • 5 GHz Unlicensed Band

The airFiber 5 operates in worldwide, license-free, 5 GHz frequencies. Users can deploy airFiber5 almost anywhere they choose (subject to local country regulations).

 Model: AF-5U INTL

Product Specifications
• Operating Frequency: 5.47 - 5.95GHz
• Dimensions: 938.4 x 468.4 x 281.4mm (37" x 18.5" x 11.1")
• Weight: 10.5kg (23.2 lbs) - mount included
• Max. Power Consumption: < 50W
• Power Supply: 50V, 1.2A PoE GigE Adapter (Included)
• Power Method: Passive Power over Ethernet (42-58VDC)
• Operating Temperature: -40° to 55°C (-40° to 131°F)
• Maximum Throughput: 1.0+ Gbps
• Maximum Range: 100+ km (Dependent on Regulatory Region)
• Packets per Second: > 1+ million
• Uplink / Downlink Ratio: 50% Fixed
• Radio Frame Synchronization: GPS
• Dynamic Frequency Selection: CE, FCC/IC

Radio Frequency
• GPS: GPS Clock Synchronization
• EIRP: ~50 dBm (Dependent on Regulatory Region and Frequency Band)
• Channel Bandwidth: 50 MHz
• Frequency Accuracy: ±2.5 ppm without GPS Synchronization, ±0.2 ppm with GPS Synchronization
• Modulation: 256QAM MIMO64QAM MIMO, 16QAM MIMO, QPSK MIMO, ½ Rate QPSK xRT

Integrated Split Antenna 
• Tx Gain: 23 dBi
• Rx Gain: 23 dBi
• Beamwidth: 6°
• Front-to-Back Ratio: 70 dB
• Polarity: Dual-Slant Polarization
• Cross-Polarity Isolation: >28 dB

Product Includes
(1) airFiber AF5
(1) Power Cord
(1) Quick Start Guide