Ubiquiti SR4C SuperRange4 PCMCIA Cardbus 4.9Ghz Public Safety Band Outdoor +1km

Model#: SRC4

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  • Ubiquiti SR4C SuperRange4 Cardbus PCMCIA/Cardbus 4.9Ghz Public Safety Band 300mw World's First Cardbus Solution for the 4.9GHz Public Safety Band

  • SuperRange4 Cardbus

  • World's First Cardbus Solution for the 4.9 GHz Public Safety Band

  • The SuperRange4 Mini-PCI and cardbus products are the first available modular approved radios specifically designed for the 4.9GHz Public Safety market. Capable of very high transmit power and excellent receiver performance, the SR4 significantly extends the range of 4.9GHz networking.

  • Featuring Hi-Power, External Antenna Connectors and Client Driver.


  • 300mW Tx Power

  • 94dBm RX Sensitivity

  • MMCX connectors for external antennas

  • Atheros 5004 chipset based

  • 4dBi laptop antenna included