Ubiquiti XR9 XtremeRange9 mini-PCI Embedded Radio Module 900MHz 700mW Dual MMCX

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Model: XR9

                       XR9 XtremeRange9 Carrier Class


The XtremeRange9 Wi-Fi Adapter from Ubiquiti Networks contains a 6th generation Atheros AR5414 chipset and it operates on the 900 MHz frequency. Installation is simple with a 32-bit mini-PCI type IIIA interface with dual MMCX antenna ports. Once configured, you can initiate security protocols with WPA, WPA2, AES-CCM and TKIP encryption, 802.1x, and 64/128/152 WEP encryption standards. Additionally, this Wi-Fi adapter provides an enhanced range performance of up to 1,312 ft (400 m) indoors and up to 31 mi (50 km) outdoors.

  • Atheros AR5414 MAC/BB, Ubiquiti Frequency Freedom G1

  • Proprietary 900MHz based on 802.11b/g CCK/OFDM

  • 32-bit mini-PCI Type IIIA

  • 3.3VDC

  • Dual MMCX

  • -45C to +90C (extended temp version up to +95C)

  • WPA, WPA2, AES-CCM & TKIP Encryption, 802.1x, 64/128/152bit WEP

  • 6-54Mbps

  • 28dBm, +/-1.5dB

  • 1.10A, +/-100mA

  • Indoor Range over 400m

  • Outdoor Range over 50km

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