Yealink IP Phone SIP-T52S 2-UNITS 12-Lines + 2-UNITS Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 + 2-UNITS Power Supply


Yealink IP Phone SIP-T52S 2-UNITS Up to 12 VoIP accounts, Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, Built-in Bluetooth 2.1, Opus Codec support + 2-UNITS Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40, plug and play + + Power Supply PS5V2000US 5 Volts 2Amp

Model#: SIP-T52S-BD6

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  • SIP-T52S (2-UNITS)

Especially designed for busy executives and professionals, Yealink SIP-T52S is an ease-of-use Media IP Phone with a 2.8-inch clolr-screen and a distinctive appearance and structure. For its simplified and human-friendly design as well as user interface, it brings the IP phone and users more closer and unceasingly boosts the operating experience. With respect to Yealink Optima HD voice technology, T52S enhances its audio quality via adding Opus audio codec, so that it delivers superb audio quality and crystal clear voice communications. Meanwhile, Yealink SIP-T52S built with Gigabit Ethernet technology, a built-in Bluetooth and a built-in USB 2.0 port, intending to enhance collaboration and productivity.Yealink SIP-T52S is designed to satisfy the users who need for a higher cost-performance IP phone with the improvement of hardware, audio quality, user experience, collaboration efficiency, etc.

  • WF40 (2-UNITS)

Wi-Fi USB Dongle WF40 is a low-power, small form factor device that can be implemented within offices for seamlessly connecting their IP phones to available wireless networks. This dynamic plug-and-play style USB device is an ideal office networking solution for companies—particularly, smaller organizations—seeking affordable, convenient and reliable high-speed wireless connectivity.

  • PS5V2000US (2-UNITS)

Power Supply for use with the SIP-T38G, SIP-T46G, SIP-T48G, SIP-T29G, SIP-T32G, SIP-T52S, SIP-T54S and CP860


  • New structure design
  • 2.8" 320 x 240-pixel color display with backlight
  • Built-in Bluetooth 2.1
  • USB 2.0 port for USB recording and wired/wireless USB headsets
  • Opus Codec support
  • T54S&T52S firmware and Auto-P template unified
  • Up to 12 VoIP accounts
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
  • PoE support
  • Paperless label design
  • Wi-Fi via WF40
  • Color-screen Expansion Module support
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles
  • New structure design

WF40 (2-UNITS)

  • Supports Yealink SIP-T27G/T29G/T46G/T48G/T46S/T48S/T52S/T54S
  • Reliable Connection
  • Ease-of-use
  • Plug and Play
  • High Transmission Rate
  • Lower Power Consumption

PS5V2000US (2-UNITS)

  • Power Supply for Yealink 5-volt 2-amp
  • For use with the SIP-T38G, SIP-T46G, SIP-T48G, SIP-T29G, SIP-T32G, SIP-T52S, SIP-T54S and CP860